Thursday, July 23, 2009

The 90s

Hot weather has arrived. Yesterday, July 22, was the first day I was outside without the constant buzz of mosquitoes. It is now possible to sit down outside in one place for more than 30 seconds! I was finally able to enjoy some time in the lawn chair, my favorite place. Happy day! This morning I sat on the porch and read a bit of the paper. The contents of the paper were disheartening, but sitting outside without getting bitten was lovely.

The Rudbeckia is blooming, along with the Monarda, Nasturtiums, roses, and lavender. All the wild color brings bees and butterflies and hummingbirds, and plenty of grasshoppers. Rusty and Snoodly are scaring all the birds away. They were trapped in the garage yesterday morning and a little flock of grouse came by, searching for seeds in the grass.

The harvest in the greenhouse includes beans and zucchini now. Carrots and onions are ready in the box, lettuce is done. Out in the fenced garden, arugula and lettuce are ready, and a few strawberries are on the new transplants. Everything is doing well out there now that the weather has warmed.

Slammy is on a trip and I miss her.
It's 80 degrees, with a light thunderstorm passing over at 12 pm.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

So pritty

Hi y'all, Snoodly here, long time no see! I've grown, and I just keep gettin' better looking, don't you think? I've got the natural eye liner, cute little rose nose pad, and gorgeous green eyes. The markings on my forehead mean something in cat language, but I can't tell you what they say, 'cause then I'd have to kill you. Well, I'll see ya later, I gotta go catch some crickets.

July is here! The weather is great, the mosquitoes are terrible, and the garden is bloomin'! We watched the fireworks at J's coaster, and Jr. took these Outstanding photos.

Most of the flowers are bigger and better this year, the garden has finally filled in and looks so much prettier! It's a mix of wild stuff and things planted from seed, bulb or small plants. It takes a few years for the tiny plants to get established, but all the waiting has finally paid off. The mosquitoes make me want to abandon all of this though, they are driving me crazy!
It will help to mow all the tall grass, if we could get a lawnmower.

Ox-eye daisies

Snapdragons. These are doing so well this year, the plants are much bigger and somehow survived the winter.

Yarrow and bachelor buttons
Gaillardia. I love this flower! It was grown from seed last year, and this year it's big and beautiful.The wild version, blanket flower.

This is my new project, another flower bed. It's so much fun working in the dirt, I have been in no hurry to finish getting all the grass and rocks out in preparation. Honey has been niggling me, trying to hurry me up, but why? Is it that pile of topsoil waiting on the lawn that the cats are using as a cat box, or could it be that he can't stand to see a project go on and on unfinished, with no seeming progress taking place? I don't know. All I do know is that I love working out in the sun, playing with rocks and dirt.

The cats love it too, when Snoodly hears the rake he comes running over to play. Here's Rusty, taking a little nap in a cool spot.J and Jr. collected some nice big rocks and I got them in place today. Next job is putting on the topsoil, then planting, then I may put on a rock mulch.

We took the plastic off the greenhouse and replaced it with row cover fabric. It breathes better.
The beans are doing great, looks like they're nearly ready to harvest. We've been eating peas, lettuce and lots of herbs. The zucchini are almost ready, but the maters are very slow. Hurry up maters!
It's 77 in the greenhouse, clouds and sun at 6 pm.