Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't count on it...

The weather was (is) warm.  It is (was) cold.  It is (was) snowing.  It was (is) dry and windy.  A sprinkle of rain fell (falls).  A  warm sun shone (shines).
The daffodils are blooming.

And the Avalanche Lilies.
Snowberry is leafing out.
The new improved greenhouse! A few things have sprouted.  Mostly maple tree seedlings from all the leaves we put on last fall.  The greenhouse doesn't hold heat at night, but as soon as the sun rises, it heats up fast.  On warmer days I have to open the doors and lift all the flaps. 
Snowy daffodils

The flower starts are ready to be transplanted, but it's too early.  

It's 34 degrees and snowing at 9:30 am; 43 degrees in the greenhouse.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lake Dreams

I took a drive to the end of the lake road a few days ago when the weather was perfect.  I parked the car and walked down the logging road that continues after the paved section ends.  I couldn't see the lake from this road but I knew it was off to the left somewhere.  After a bit of walking, (and a bit of imagining mountain lions lurking in the trees, waiting for me to hobble or look weak), a gravel road appeared on the left with a log across it.  Naturally, I went in.  I discovered a magical place down there.

A marsh!
The moment I came in view of it, there was a cacophony of sound from frogs, toads, ducks, geese, birds, and squirrels.  This place is alive! 

Next to the marsh, was the lake proper.  Stunning!  This is why I must get a little boat this summer.

All around was a forest of cedar, firs and pines that were huge and lush because they get plenty of water.  Some big trees had been cut recently, and there was a site cleared for a house.  I had thought maybe the gravel road was for a new nature preserve, but no.  It's for a millionaire's vacation home.  Single tear.

Here are some of the animals I saw:

Red Squirrel (doesn't look very red, does it?)
Columbian Ground Squirrel, guarding his den.
Canada Geese (these were making a racket and trying to hide from me).
Wood Duck
And mate.
Great Blue Heron
He just stood there.

What a place!  I was probably trespassing, but I didn't care.  The house will go up soon.  What will the animals think of that?  Maybe the geese will poop all over their lawn.  Divine justice.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blog Anniversary

Gardenlog is one year old!  It seems like I've been doing this a lot longer.  I started it to keep track of the seasons and garden activity.  I want to find out what's different from year to year and observe how things change or stay the same.  Well, I can finally do that now, starting with the Crocus.  Last year they bloomed April 25, and this year we discovered them April 12, Easter Sunday, during the hunt.

Since Easter, we got a little snow, but mostly the weather has been much better.
All kinds of things are starting to grow.

Moss and grass were first.  Buttercups are a close second.  All the shrubby things have buds.

Now that the weather is better, I'll be outside a lot more and won't want to be on the computer anymore.  This morning I was out there pruning, though it's too early, I just couldn't wait!  (I consulted some herb books and they advise pruning in mid to late spring).  A few days ago I planted cool season vegetables in the box, then put the row cover on top.  I also planted the greenhouse with radishes, carrots, kohlrabi and beets, but I saved room for the squash and tomatoes.  The peas never came up!  Boo hoo.

I would make a terrible pioneer.  My approach to gardening is not serious.  I throw seeds around willy nilly.  I use old seeds that probably aren't viable anymore.  I don't prepare the soil properly.  I plant too early or too late.  I'm too lazy to build fences and wind blocks.  If I were a pioneer woman, my family would starve and die.  The reason I'm thinking about this is that I just reread My Antonia.  Imagine living like that, where everything you do is about survival.  Right now I wouldn't be sitting on my derriere writing silly things at the computer, I'd be out plowing the fields, planting grain to feed the cows and pigs and chickens and goats.  And when I planted my kitchen garden it would be a very serious task, no room for experimentation or half-baked plans.  I always wanted to be that sort of gardener, focused, efficient, and successful.  But it just isn't in me to work that hard unless I have to.  I need to be plopped down in a place where there are no supermarkets, no easy outs; then maybe hunger would propel me into action.  Because I do love to eat!

It's 54 degrees and sunny at 2:00 pm.

Kitty Has a Name

And the winner is....Snoodly! Variously altered to Snoobly, Sneebly (as in Ned), Snooders etc. Hey, don't blame me, Slammy picked it.  Dori is the winner!  Expect a poem soon, Dori.

Snoozin' Snoodly

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Name That Kitty!

Slammy is having a bit of trouble naming the kitty.  

Rusty thinks he should be called Shoo Fly (don't bother me).
I KNOW, let's have a contest to name the kitty!  Give us your suggestions in comments and if Slammy picks your name as the winner, you will get an amazing prize.  Slammy will write you a poem.  

Friday, April 10, 2009

Buried Treasure

The snow is gone from the planting box and I found 8 carrots in there.  I ate 3 already and they are sweet and crisp.  Bonanza!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Arrives

55 degrees!  
And, oh yes...we have a new darling.
He doesn't have a name yet.  William, Jinxy, Scotty and Tito have been considered.  How about Camo?
Or maybe Destructo.
On mommy's lap.
He's Slammy's baby, so she gets to name him.  And clean up after him.  Unless she's at school...
Luckily, he sleeps a lot.

Mini rose at the kitchen window.
The guys covered the greenhouse.  I may plant some peas in there today if the ground has thawed.
The Juncos are plentiful this year.  
And well fed!
This Spring's Fashions

A grey coat with tails, trimmed in black.

An eye-catching vest in burnt orange completes the look.

Distinguished in any setting.

It's 42 degrees, sunny at 9:30 am.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Finding Good Food Faster

For OTGF I have a cool website called the Eat Well Guide.  It's a database of restaurants, B & Bs, stores, farms etc. where you can find organic, sustainable food by zip code.  It even has a trip planner so you can make your next trip more healthy (Mickey D's is not an option).  
The site also has a blog called Green Fork where there is a list of some more cool green blogs.  And for all you adventurers out there, they have The Spring Break Challenge, a chance to win prizes for telling them about the food and fun you had on your Eat Well inspired trip. 
Road trips will never be the same!