Sunday, May 17, 2009

Koo Koo Ka Choo

May flower

Arrowleaf Balsamroot

Yesterday I built a little fence to block the view of the electrical box.  (Looking at this box from the kitchen window has been such a thorn in my side, there are so many things to consider when building a house!  I didn't even realize our view was being spoiled until it was too late).

Now, you may laugh at the crudity of this effort.  I'm not in the habit of building stuff.  This is a big step for me.  It's held together with twine.  Very low tech.  But J will make it sturdier with his power tool expertise.  Then I will try and grow something on it, that the deer don't like of course. This is on their smorgasbord route, and I'm sure they'd love it if I planted beans or sunflowers here.  They'd eat everything then knock down the fence to spite me.  What's that poisonous climbing bean called?  Castor?  I need some of those seeds.

I'm still trying to figure out where to plant some sunflowers.  Without a fence they'll get chomped for sure.  Maybe I should prepare a little field of them with an electric fence around it.  I've got electricity right there at the box...Heh heh, heh heh, zap!

It's warm today!  I prepared the fenced garden for planting raspberries and ?.  The race is on for growing as much as we can as quickly as possible before the end of the season come September. Or we could just lounge around in lawn chairs and go shop at the Farmer's Market... 

Friday, May 15, 2009


Oh yum, I love lunch.  My favorite kind is a bunch of stuff on a plate with salad dressing.  Here's what I had today (I know, this is a cliche to write about my lunch):

Baby greens
Baguette slices
Raspberries and Blackberries
Cheddar Cheese
and The Dressing--Australian Olive Oil (first time I've tried it, it is good!) Rice Vinegar, Water, Chopped garlic, Salt and Pepper.
...and an organic beverage.

I started this plate of random stuff habit many years ago at my sister's house, and she thought I was a loon.  I would get kippers, salad vegetables, cheese, french bread and oil and vinegar dressing.  Oh my gooness, it was good.

I went shopping today, that's why we have yummy food.  It should last about 4 days,  if we're lucky.  I think if people had yummy food all the time they'd be happier.  Eating should always be a pleasure, not a bore or a chore.  It is a chore when you're eating low quality, processed foods. Whenever I feel down, I go back to the garlic, olive oil and fresh fruits and vegies and it really helps.  I think fresh garlic may be nature's anti-depressent.  You won't win many friends or influence people, but you'll be happy about it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's May!

Happy May everyone!  A busy time of year, too busy to keep up on the blog.  It's so nice to be outside again.  In comparison, it seems like a chore to sit at the computer desk.  But I need to keep track of all the progress that's been going on out there.  It's raining  today, so it's a good time to get up to date.

Early May was pretty windy.  We had a frightening thunder storm, it seemed to be sitting right over the house one night.  We've had very cold windy days, and some warmer sunny periods.  The clouds are always up there, puffy and white and so perfect in the blue sky.  When they cover the sun, the temperature goes down dramatically.

The grass likes this weather, I've already mowed a few times.  I just got some grass shears, so I can do the edging around the garden without a weed whacker.  Not that I ever used a weed whacker myself.  I use a manual push mower and grass shears and it's so much nicer than using those loud, dangerous machines.

The peas, radishes, and other stuff came up in the greenhouse.  I made a little climbing structure for the peas with twigs and twine.  I (bravely) planted the tomatoes out there about a week ago, and planted zucchini and bean seeds on Saturday May 9.  Ooooo, that's early.  I set out some flower transplants outside in the garden, most of them are perishing from the cold.  Better wait till June.
  I had to refill this birdfeeder once so far.  The bags are working, I'm glad to know.  Except, look who found it.  I don't mind, I like watching squirrels as much as birds.  There's also a nestbox in this tree and he was sitting by it while a bluebird and some other birds drove him off.

Rusty was looking with us out the window, making those weird noises and licking his chops.
The wildflowers are starting to bloom, here's the Arrowhead Balsamroot, nearly ready.  It's blooming around the neighborhood already.  It is colder here at our house, I knew it.

Here's one I don't know the name of, I'll have to get a library book.
This one has a hitchhiker.
The violets and some willows are also blooming.

Birds are waiting for better weather, I think, to start nesting.  We now have five boxes up but no takers.  Bluebirds and Tree Swallows come to look sometimes.  I hope Rusty hasn't scared them off.  The hummingbirds are back and they are at the feeder a lot, since there aren't many flowers out there.  We have some Towhee visitors frequently, I'm still trying to get a good picture.  The crows are coming around more, making their strange noises.  I don't know what they're after, though Snoodly thinks it's him.  A foggy morning and two crows on a branch outside your bedroom window is pretty spooky.  And noisy.  

It's raining and 49 degrees at 12:00 pm.